Knives Out x FAIRY TAIL Collaboration Event: Awaken Power Of Fire Dragon

Hello Mobile Gamers, NetEase Games has collaborated with FAIRY TAIL and started the second collaboration event, TV Anime 'FAIRY TAIL' with 'Knives Out' on 30th September 2019 on all the platforms i.e. Android, iOS and PC. This collaboration will last till 14th October 2019.


In this Knives Out x FAIRY TAIL collaboration, you will get the characters of 'FAIRY TAIL' like Natsu, Lucy, and Elsa costumes in Knives Out, and along with that, there will be an event mode in which you can play the 5vs5 magic wars by using the powerful magic. So don't miss out this opportunity to use your awakened fire dragon power to conquer the battlefield. If you have not downloaded Knives Out till now, do so from the below-given link.

Click here to Download on Android

Click here to Download on iOS

Those who don't know about Knives Out, let us tell you, this is a first-person action mobile game inspired by Players Unknown Battlegrounds which throws on you the hordes of opponents into the mix. Up to 100 players will be sent on an island without any weapon, where they will find the weapons to defend themselves and to take the opponents down. Needless to say: the last one standing wins.

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