FishIsland: Fishing Paradise Has Been Released WorldWide

Developed by NHN PixelCube, FishIsland: Fishing Paradise has just been globally released, you can head straight to your local Google Playstore or Appstore to get your hands on the game.

For the players unaware let us tell you that FishIsland: Fishing Paradise is a fantasy fishing game with rhythmic actions gameplay. The game features over 400 types of fish such as whale, shark, surgeon, etc. and a total of 200 legendary spirits such as unicorns, dragons, etc. to collect. The game also features PvP Modes, Daily dungeons with a couple of other modes.

If you are someone who likes fishing games but is bored with the traditional fishing style, then FishIsland: Fishing Paradise is the game for you, You can download the game via Google Playstore or Apple Appstore and try the game yourself.