ROME: Total War – Alexander Is All Set To Release On 24th October 2019 For Both Android and iOS Users

The story of this particular expansion is set a century before the events in the original ROME: Total War. Alexander the Great is the central figure of the events, as he ascends the throne and begins his historically genuine campaign to conquer the Persian Empire.


However, in the game, the player will get the chance to unify the Greek city-states and then follow up on the path than Alexander really took, which is across Central Asia. With defeating all enemies in front of you, the player will once again reenact history and carve the name Alexander the Great in the world’s history, forever.

Feral Interactive, Who is porting this game to mobile has just officially announced that ROME: Total War – Alexander will be released both for the Android and iOS (The game is already out for iPad Users) Users on this 24th October 2019. The game is priced at 4.99 USD and if you guys are interested then it is already available to pre-register/pre-order on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.