'Murasaki7' A RPG Puzzle Game is Now Up-For Pre-Registration

When the best of humanity discovered the planet Gaia, they aimed to create a new, technologically advanced world where justice and order dominates above all. Believing computers are incorruptible, the hyper intelligent, self learning AI, Genesis, was developed to control computers and machinery, as well as to rule over all of Gaia’s inhabitants.


Unfortunately, a twisted idea formed in the AI’s logic: designed to protect humanity, the AI found out that the greatest danger to people are themselves. Thus, it aims to release the planet’s noxious gases that would put everyone in a permanently unconscious state, after which Genesis can care for everyone in stasis.

With the fate of the planet hanging on the balance, Ellie Reigns travels across Gaia in search for weapons and warriors that can put an end to Genesis's tyranny!

Developed by Chamoji, Murasaki7 is an upcoming puzzler Role-Playing Game that is going to be released soon. The game features will feature over five different game modes including PvP, Story Mode, Quest Mode Etc.

The release date of Murasaki7 has not yet been officially announced but it is expected to release in 2019 itself. For now, the game is available for pre-registration via its official website, so if you are interested, then don't miss out on this chance to Pre-Register for Murasaki7 so that you are kept updated with the all the latest news and updates of the game.