Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension is Releasing Globally on 30th September

Hello Mobile Gamers, 5th Planet Games Development ApS is going to release its new mobile Role-Playing Game (RPG) 'Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension' globally on 30th September 2019. Dawn of the Dragons might be familiar to you because it was released as an RPG on Facebook in 2010 and later it made its way to Android and iOS devices in 2013. Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension is available to download in early access for Android devices right now and will be released globally next month. You can download Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension. Before that have a look of the Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension trailer below.


Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension is a sequel of the sequel of Dawn of the Dragons, which seeks to expand the success of its predecessors by improving the contents that the fans love about the original, such as; the narrative-driven quests, the intuitive turn-based combat, etc. which will result in giving the entire system a new modern overhaul and making it accessible for the new players. The story of the game takes place in the land of Tor'gyyl in which you have to fight to drive back to the Dragon armies and their 'Draconic Overlords'.

This time Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension has emphasized on community-driven experiences such as players will be able to play with their friends easily or assist fellow adventures with the guild system. It also offers you the turn-based combat system which means you have to consider your every move very carefully. By progressing forward in the game, you will be able to recruit allies which will help you in the battles as well and in acquiring more powerful gears. There are also a lot of abilities and spells which you need to unlock, so you can expect quite a bit depth here. So download Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension Early Access version.

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