Silver Lining Studios Has Released Beta Version of 'Within'

Hello Mobile Gamers, Silver Lining Studios has released the beta version of its new mobile strategy game 'Within', but for now the beta version is only available for Android devices. You can download Within Beta Version from the link given at the end of the post. Within is a narrative-driven adventure mobile game in which you get to explore your inner self. Have a look of the 'Within' mobile game trailer below.


'Within' takes you in the story of Emma who has awoken in a mystical world, which is even strange as well as familiar for her. When she starts exploring the surroundings, she gets to know that it somehow reflects her past experiences. Mobile gamers who love to play mobile games which contain exploration and murky forlorn atmospheres are advised to follow Emma's footsteps in this mysterious world.

'Within' can be considered as a mobile game, a picture book, or even as a short film. It offers you the intuitive game controls, the arrangement of camerawork, sound effects, as well as the vivid and shadowy ambience. There are hints available in the game which will help you in proceeding forward, which will also be conveying to you the story and emotions behind its objects. So download Within Beta Version from the below-given link and join this adventure with Emma.

Download 'Within' Beta Version from Google Play

Download 'Within' Beta Version from Official Website

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