Diorama Detective Is The Next Big AR Game and It's Releasing on 8th August

Diorama Detective is the next big AR game like AR Robot and Flat Pack. The Game will only be available to iOS users and it cost you a couple of bucks to download and play.


Diorama Detective is developed by Studio Cypher, a game about solving mysteries and utilizing augmented reality neatly. Watch Diorama Detective's Announcement trailer below to get an idea of what we mean:

In the game, you can recreate the crime scenes and explore them from every angle using your mobile device and its AR abilities as a view finder.

And as we mentioned above, Diorama Detective is releasing on Apple Appstore on 8th August 2019, And it will cost you around 3.99 USD. So the game is worth a try or not? That we leave on you guys to decide. You can also visit the game's official website for more updates.

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