PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Version Full Patch Notes

Hello PUBG Mobile Players, PUBG Mobile recently rolled out the PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Version globally along with the Season 8 in the game, hope you are enjoying Season 8. But recently PUBG Mobile rolled out the 0.14.0 update beta version, the downloading details of the same we shared with you in our recent post, which can be found here. In this post, we are going to share with you the full patch notes of PUBG mobile 0.14.0 version.


PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Version Patch Notes

Android Resources Extension Pack

With the release of the PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Version the size of the Android Installation package will be reduced and Resource Expansion Pack will be introduced, which will contain some rarely used resources and equipment that are displayed with a placeholder icon unless the pack is downloaded.

Adjusted Mode Selection UI

i. Tier Information in Classic has been added
ii. Matchmaking and settings are on the same page
iii. Visual effects have been improved

Redesigned Daily Missions (This feature is not available in the beta version yet)

i. The number of daily missions has been reduced and the rewards have been adjusted.
ii. Players can switch their current daily mission, if not satisfied, they can switch to the other random missions, which can be done three times a day.

Character System

i. Each player gets a character in the beginning.
ii. The character has its own one skill which is only effective in EvoGround.
iii. The Character can be customized with the fancy outfits, voices, emotes and MVP emotes.
iv. Play with them in any mode, level up the character and earn EXP.

New Mode: Infection Mode

i. The players will be divided into Defenders and Zombies randomly at the beginning of the match. Defenders use firearms, and zombies can only use melee attacks and abilities with cooldown time. Defenders that are attacked by Zombies will turn into Zombies.
ii. When the countdown is over, Zombies win if all the Defenders have been killed, and Defenders win even if just 1 survived.

Level 5 Rewards for Some Achievements

  • Battle-Hardened V: Reach Ace.
  • Fun Times V: Complete 800 matches in Arcade.
  •  Classic Lover V: Complete 1000 matches in Classic.
  •  Evo Tactician I-V: Complete 5/20/50/100/200 matches in EvoGround.
  •  Perseverance V: Log in consecutively for 60 days.
  •  Assault Mastery V: Kill 2000 enemies with Assault Rifles.
  •  Sniper Mastery V: Kill 1000 enemies with Sniper Rifles.
  •  Shotgun Mastery V: Kill 1000 enemies with Shotguns.
  •  SMG Mastery V: Kill 2000 enemies with SMG.
  •  Melee Mastery V: Kill 200 enemies with Melee.
  •  Pistol Mastery V: Kill 200 enemies with Pistols.
  •  Deathbringer V: Kill 2000 enemies.
  •  Skull Collector V: 200 Kill enemies with headshots.
  •  Field Medic V: Revive teammates 500 times.
  •  Predator V: Kill 20 enemies in a single Classic match.
  •  Chicken Bucket V: Win 50 matches.
  •  PUBG Elite V: Earn 555 SSS rating
  •  Epic Find V: Earn 100 different permanent outfits(Legendary).
  •  Mythic Fashion I-V: Earn 1/5/10/20/50 different permanent outfits(Mythic).
  •  Social Butterfly V: Reach 120 in-game friends.
  •  Brothers in Arms V: Team up with friends 1000 times.
  •  Santa Claus V: Gift an item to a friend 100 times.
  •  Center of Attention V: Earn 600 LIKEs.
  •  Happy Training V: Complete 1000 Clan Trainings.
  •  Shopaholic V: Spend 1000000BP.
  •  Perfectionist V: Reach the highest Royale Pass rank for 6 seasons in a row.
  •  Bounty Hunter V: Complete 1000 Royale Pass missions.
  •  Open Sesame V: Open 100 Royale Pass Elite Crates.
  •  Unique Destiny: Earn 6000 Achievement points.

Battle Veteran I-III

Complete any 2/4/6 of the following achievements:
Sniper Mastery V, SMG Mastery V, Shotgun Mastery V, Assault Mastery V, Pistol Mastery V, Melee Mastery V.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Adjusted Inventory Interaction UI
i. Non-inventory UI functions blocked in inventory
ii. Expanded item display area
iii. Simplified editing of emotes
iv. Improved selection logic for firearms and vehicles
v. Option to show the helmets and backpacks in the main menu
vi. New Zoon in feature, while selecting the firearms, hats, glasses, face, accessories, and backpacks.

Improved Outfits
The outfit being previewed will not conflict with the equipped outfit, the current outfit will be unequipped, so the previewed outfit can be displayed correctly.

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