Eclipse Isle by NetEase: Beta Version is Out Now

Hello Mobile Gamers, NetEase has released the Beta version of its new mobile game “Eclipse Isle”. You can download the Eclipse Isle Beta Version from the link given at the end of the post. Eclipse Isle is a battle royal game which is more akin to the Fortnite than PUBG Mobile, so your main aim is to become the last one survives. The control system of the game is similar to the MOBA games like Arena of valor, League of Legends, so it is going to be a Battle Royale game with the controls of MOBA games, which is a new trend right now in the mobile gaming industry.


Eclipse Isle has the same gameplay as the other Battle Royale games, such as picking up as many weapons can be picked, then to attack your enemies, and become the last one standing out of 60 players. Just like that the safe zone keeps on shrinking to bring you close to your enemies and encounter them. IS you stay outside the safe zone you have to compromise with your HP and at the end, it can result in defeat.

You are not only supposed to be aware of your opponents in each match, but you are also supposed to keep an eye on the monsters roaming around at your back and are ready to attack you as soon as you are in sight. So you need to kill them which will result in leveling up your skills as well as you can use them as your food items and pick up the new tools which will help you in cooking new things that are far more useful. Eclipse Isle is a good combination of Battle Royale games and MOBA with the dynamic combat system with the resemblance of other lesser online multiplayer combat system. So Download Eclipse Isle Beta Version and experience this combination of Battle Royale and MOBA.

Click here to Download Eclipse Isle from Google Play

Click here to Download Eclipse Isle from TapTap

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