You Can Now Pre-Register for 'Sky: Children Of The Light' on Google Playstore

Hello, Mobile Gamers, Finally Sky: Children of the Light is preparing itself to be launched for Android users as well. For the gamers who don't know let us tell you that Sky: Children of the Light is an indie adventure game which was released for iOS users on 18th July 2019. The game is developed by ThatGameCompany and is now available for Pre-Registration for the Android users on Google Play and will be released soon.


Sky: Children of the Light was revealed first way back in the year 2017, however, due to technical glitches the release of the game was pushed back. But finally, Apple users got to try it on 18th July 2019, when the game was made available to download on Apple Appstore.

Since the day of the launch, Sky: Children of the Light has received a huge positive response from the gaming community. Some critics even said that this mobile game is probably the strongest contender for the title of ' Mobile Game of the Year'.

However, Until now, Android users were wondering when they will get to try out Sky: Children of the Light, but now there is nothing much to worry as the game is already up for Pre-Registration, and you can simply Pre-Register for Sky: Children of the Light by visiting it's Google Playstore Page. And according to our estimate, it will be released within the next 2-4 weeks, no commitments though!