Pokémon Masters is Releasing on 29th August

Hello Mobile Gamers, DeNA Co. Ltd. was working from a very long time on the development of the Pokémon Masters and it seems like that the development of the game has reached at the final stage as the developers have started taking pre-registration of Pokémon Masters officially on both Google Play and iOS App Store, which you can do from here. A new video on How to Play Pokémon Masters | Moves has also been uploaded by the developers on their website, which you can find below:


Along with the pre-registration of Pokémon Masters the release date of Pokémon Masters has also been announced, so the game will release on the 29th August, 2019. Those who do not know about Pokémon Masters, let us tell you that in the Pokémon Masters Game, the Pokemon Trainers are aiming to become the champion of a tournament called the Pokemon masters league, which is being held in PASIO. In Pokemon Masters Mobile Game every trainer will have single Pokemon which travels around with them as their partner.

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So pre-register for the Pokémon Masters and wait for the release date, till then Stay tuned with Mobile Mode Gaming (MMG) for the latest Mobile Gaming News & Updates!