PUBG Mobile New PP-19 Bizon Gun: Eveything You Need To Know

Hello PUBG Mobile players, PUBG Mobile recently introduced its new Season 8 in the game along with the 0.13.5 update in the game. This new update and season introduced many new features in the game such as: ocean themed skins and other items, Royale pass of season 8 and much more. In this post we are going to talk about the new Sub-machine Gun PP-19 Bizon.

PP-19 Bizon is a 5th generation SMG Gun which uses 9mm ammo just like the UMP9 and Uzi which are already available in the game from a long time. This new SMG gun is available in the Erangel and Vikendi map only. Bizon does not support attachments of magazine upgradation such as extended magazing, but the best thing is, it even does not require a magazine, because it already comes with an oversized detachable magazine of 53 rounds, which is already more than sufficient. This thing make this gun different from all the guns of same category which only extends to the maximum capacity of 40 by using extended magazine except the M249 which has 100 rounds.


PP-19 Bizon can be equipped with all types of scopes, ranging from Red Dot to 6x. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with 8x scope just like the other guns of the same category. Muzzle, Suppressor, compensators, and flash hiders now have been made attachable with the SMG as well. This gun is also blessed with the reasonable fire rate and also the recoil control attachments can also be equipped, which results in boosting the aiming and bullet spread of the gun.

PP-19 Bizon has the damage of 35HP and a rate of fire as similar to the UMP9 and the extended magazine capacity than any other gun, which can result as best option in the close combat situations. PUBG Mobil update also includes graphic enhancement in the form of HDR which provides to players the greater experience by more detailed and better visuals while playing. However, this feature is only available in HDR which is only supported with high-end devices.

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