Touch the Wall has been Released by VOODOO: Download Now

VOODOO has released its new casual and fun mobile game "Touch the Wall". In this game you have to move forward in a 3D level, where your aim is of tapping the wall at the end of the track. But this is not as simple as it sounds like, because a red light is trying to detect you and any movement in your position.


The gameplay of Touch the Wall is very simple, you just have to tap on the screen of your smartphone to move your character. This makes it very easy for you to move forward without being caught by the laser. There is one thing which s helpful for you is the great panel set at the back, when this panel is lit up you can move forward without any problem.

There is one more thing is to keep in mind that as you move forward to touch the wall you will come across some balls which try to smack into you, so you need to pay attention so that none of those obstacles can make you lose. You have also got to dodge some trenches to keep from falling into them and loosing distance against your rivals.

The controls of the game are very simple and well adopted for the touchscreen devices. Touch the Wall becomes more and more addictive with the passage of time. Its simple gameplay make it easy to have fun at all times.

Click here to Download the Game on Android

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