Rescue Wings! Review - An Addictive Simple Game

Rescue Wings! is a recently launched free-to-play casual Mobile Game developed by PlayStack who is the developer of many other popular games such as Sniper vs Thieves, Survival Cities, etc. In Rescue Wings! Game, you are a Dog named scruffy who lives with his owner who is a fire-fighter. On one morning, upon seeing the fire in the forest, you try to wake your owner but loses hope when he does not get up upon trying everything. Thus, you take the job of saving the forest in your own hand.

You Jump into his rescue aircraft and goes cruising through the sky. But don't start chilling, you have to go down in the water to fill up your plane's water tank and throw a bomb over the fire in the forest so that you can complete your job.

Rescue Wings! is Our Casual Game of the year.

Mobile Mode Gaming

In the game, there are various Planes which you can unlock as you level up and gather coins. There are also over 15 Levels in the game, thus providing sufficient content. You even don't have to bother about ads pop-up in this game. Thus overall makes the game experience pretty good. The Game is available to download on Appstore and Playstore, you can download it by simply visiting the Offical website of Rescue Wings!