"Undead Horde Mobile" is going to Release by September 2019

The Undead Horde Mobile version is being developed by 10tons Ltd. and will be relased in September, 2019. This game was recently launched on the PC and Consoles, and in this list now Android and iOS have also been added. The developer company has a great record of developing mobile games like Tesla v. Lovecraft, Neon Chrome, JYDGE, and their classic debut game Crimsonland. So it can be expected this game is also going to be a great game by the 10tons.

In Undead Horde you plays as Necromancer, as the name of the game suggests, who summons the hordes of the undead, who has to battle for him. There are a lot of weapons and gears available in the game to hash and slash your enemies. You will have to play this game by virtual buttons and a virtual analog stick. On the left side of the Mobile Screen there will the movement control stick of your character. And at the left side of the screen there will be the abilities buttons, which you can use while battling against the enemies. As you keeps on playing more abilities will get unlocked and some more buttons will appear on the left side of the screen to use those abilities.

Undead Hodrde Mobile Version

As the Undead Horde has already received a huge positive reception on the other platforms i.e. PC and Console, and the developers will definitely try to provide the players the same experience on the mobile phones as well. As the developers have not confirmed any release date but the game is expected to get released by the end of September 2019. If any official announcement takes place we will let you know.

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