"World of Submarines: Navy Shooter 3D War Game" has been Released by GDCompany

World of Submarines is an action game, where you are the pilot of a war submarine and you are supposed to fight against the other submarines in the thrilling naval battles. There are two modes in this game, you can opt for playing real time PvP or you can opt for AI matches. You need to defeat the other Submarines to become the winner.


The controls of this game are too good and are excellently adapted according to touchscreen devices. You have the full control over all the movements of the submarine, from moving to firing. With the left thumb you can control the direction and submersion level of your submarine. And with the right thumb you can control the speed, torepedos and switch up camera vantage points and can point out towards the enemies and shot them.

This game also has a 4v4 battle mode. Where two teams fight against each other's submarines and at the end of the time, team which has destroyed more number of submarines as compared to other, will be named as winner. And also whenever you win a match you get more experience points and prizes that you can choose to improve your fleet.

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