Here is How You Can Download and Play "Game for Peace"

Hello Mobile Gamers, "Game for Peace" recently got launched in the China because due to the government rules and restrictions the global version of PUBG Mobile could not be released in the developer's hometown China. So they developed the new version of the game named "Game for Peace" by setting aside the restrictions imposed by the Chinese government. This game has been developed as tribute to the sky warriors who protect the national airspace of china.

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"Game for Peace" is presumed to lag lesser than the global version of PUBG Mobile, but it has the extreme graphics that's why it is recommended not to download it on mobile phones with 2GB or lesser RAM. 1GB RAM Mobile cannot support it completely and even in 2GB mobile it lags a lot, so use a mobile phone with more than 2GB RAM to play this and it will give you experience better than global version of PUBG Mobile with its high graphics compatibility and lesser lagging issues.

As it is a Chinese game or Chinese version of the PUBG Mobile game, so it is not available to be downloaded from Google Play Store. To download "Game for Peace" follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Download the TapTap app on your smartphone;
Step 2: Install and Open the TapTap app;
Step 3: Search for the "Game for Peace";
Step 4: Select the first game;
Step 5: Tap on "Install"; (It is recommended to download over Wi-Fi as it's size is 1.89GB);

PS: Wait till the Installation process finish!

Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded "Game for Peace" in your Mobile. But there is one more thing which is required to do to play this game which is a WeChat account or a QQ account. Both of these apps are easily available on Google Play Store, download any of them from there. Make an account on anyone of them because as in the global version you have to login from your Facebook Account/Google Play Account/Twitter Account etc. same as that here are only two options to login WeChat account or QQ account. So simply login into the game by any of the app's account details and enjoy the "Game for Peace".

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