Diner Dash Adventures By Glu Has Been Officially Released.

We recently posted about Glu launching a game called 'WWE Universe' well here is another game by Glu titled 'Diner DASH Adventures' which has just been officially released.

The gameplay of Diner Dash Adventures is somewhat we can say is the mixtures of Diner Dash, Hotel Dash & Cooking Dash. The game is now available both on iOS & Android, and the download link of the game is given below.


Click Here to Download & Play Diner DASH Adventures

In diner Dash Adventures, players assume the role of Flo as she tries to save her hometown DinerTown from the evil Mr. Big and his goons. Players will have to remodel entire acres of DinerTown using all kinds of design and decor combinations. According to Glu, the game features “a whimsical story, a quirky cast of characters, and a bustling, dynamic world, letting players flex their creativity through renovation and customization like never before.”

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