WWE Universe has been Released by Glu

Hello Mobile Gaming players, Glu has recently released its brand new game WWE Universe which is definitely going to win the heart of WWE fans. The best thing of this game is that it has real moves, real chants, real voices and real music which makes this game more interesting with the realistic effects.


This game has the signature moves of some of the most famous wrestler in the WWE history. It will remind you the classic wrestler like Macho Man, The Ultimate Giant, Andre the Giant and The Undertaker. Always make sure before starting any match that your player is well equipped with Kneepads, Wristguards, Boots, Bandages and much more to improve their attributes.

WWE Universe

The gameplay controls of this game is very simple; there are three action buttons on the bottom of the screen which unleash your fighter's light, medium and strong attack. The attacks can also be countered by your opponent and as the name implies the strong attack causes the most damage. After the few attacks to the opponent your player's special attack activates, use that to give the opponent a deadly attack.

The credit of the playing by the legendary wrestler goes to the game's WWE license. It has the authentic storyline to put you right in the action and to explore the LIVE content tied to the action on your television. Invite your friend in the PvP mode, choose your favourite player and step into the ring!


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