What is a Nuke in Call of Duty Mobile?

Hello Call of Duty Mobile Players, We are pretty sure you guys are enjoying both the Multiplayer as well as Battle Royale Mode in the game. As the game is currently in Beta version the game might have a few glitches but it all will be fixed in the Global Version of the game.


Anyways today we are going to tell you guys about Nuke (Nuclear Bomb) in Call of Duty Mobile. You might have heard players or even your own friends saying that the got their first nuke, and nuke is amazing blah blah blah. But what actually is this Nuke (Nuclear Bomb) let's find out.

What is a Nuke (Nuclear Weapon) In call of Duty Mobile?

The Nuke is just like a Scorestreak which a player can gain by reaching a 30 kill streak. Once a player reaches a kill streak of 30 without dying he will have an option to press the nuclear button and eliminate the entire enemy team.

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Call of Duty Mobile Nuclear bomb

Is there any other way to Get Nuke?

No, there is no other way in Call of Duty Mobile game to get Nuke without reaching a kill streak of 30, without any deaths.

Check out this video to better understand how Nuke Works.

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