This is Why You Should Not Push Rank in Call of Duty Mobile Beta

As we all know Call of Duty Mobile Beta Version was launched just a few days backs, and since then the game has been getting huge popularity. Most of the players who are trying this beta are really loving the Call of Duty Mobile Game, specially the Battle Royale Mode. Players have even started to debate over the topic that whether Call of Duty Mobile is better or Pubg Mobile.


Anyways we will find that our soon when the Call of Duty Mobile will go global, however for now we have observed that few of the Beta Call of Duty Mobile players are putting their whole day and night in pushing ranks and to be in on the Leaderboard of the game.

However as most of us are already aware that once the Beta test of Call of Duty Mobile is complete, Activision is going to delete all the player data. Including your ranks, currency, XP etc.

So just in case if you are one of the players, who are trying to push rank daily in Call of Duty Mobile, then as of now please don’t. However the game is going to be released globally very soon by the end of June or Early July. Then pushing ranks will really be worth it.