PUBG Mobile Season 7 leaked: All New Upcoming Features & Details

PUBG Mobile season 6 is about to end in a week and the hype of PUBG Mobile Season 7 has been started with it. Here is the information about the major changes which Season 7 will bring by the v0.12.5 update in the game.


Release of PUBG Mobile Season 7

There is no official release date has been announced for the PUBG Mobile Season 7 but as the Season 6 is ending on the May 15 or May 16 so it is expected to start from the May 17 or May 18. High chances are of the May 18 to bring the new update v0.12.5 in the game and of course the Season 7 will arrive with this update.

Release of New Gun ‘Skorpion’

This new update will bring the new gun named ‘Skorpion’ in the game. Skorpion is a short to a mid-ranged weapon which will be very handy during the early phase of the game. The gun uses 9mm ammo and also it can be used with different attachments.

new gun in PUBG Mobile - Skorpion

Addition of Companion

After testing the companion in the beta version for a while now the companion is finally arriving the main game. It can be purchased from the shop by using either BP or UC. The players can take their companion in the battlefield and the best part is that the enemies will not be able to see it.

companion in PUBG Mobile

Erangel is getting revamped

PUBG Mobile update v0.12.5 will be bringing changes to the most popular map of PUBG Mobile, Erangel. Probably the developers have taken this step to do a better loot distribution. Also, lots of new buildings are getting added and the hilly regions may see some changes.

New Death Animation

The death animation is also getting changed in the next update. While some of you may think that the new death animation is funny, many others will be finding it unrealistic.

new death animation in PUBG Mobile

Stay tuned for more new PUBG Mobile updates!