Free UC Winners list is Out: WeGame for PUBG Mobile; Are you One of them?

A few days ago, Tencent's new buddy app for PUBG Mobile named WeGame was released in India. It promised to give away a total of 7000 UC to the players to 101 lucky gamers, where 100 people will be selected for 60 UC and one luckiest guy will get the jackpot of 1000 UC!


Few hours ago the developers of the buddy app published the list, mentioning the 100 names who will be getting 60 UC each from Tencent. Take a look!

100 lucky people!

And the luckiest winner is Mr Nobody who will be getting a whopping 1000 UC for free!!!

The developers mentioned :"Congratulations to the chosen one 'Mr Nobody' for winning the super award: 1000 UC!! We'll send the UC gift to you before 5/10. Besides the 100 lucky guys who has name on the list, each of them will receive 60 UC!Thank you all for your support to 'WeGame for PUBG Mobile', we will keep concerns of your feedback and improving our app more."

Incase you still do not know what is WeGame for PUBG Mobile, it is a mobile buddy app where you can interact with the other fellow PUBG Mobile gamers, sharing tips, tricks, posting your latest achievements, chicken dinner screenshots and improve your gaming skills. For more detailed Click Here.

However, this is not the end of the free UC contests. There are more upcoming free UC events inside the app where you can grab the free UC with your slightest efforts.

Are you using the app already, or are you one of the winner mentioned on the list? Do let us know in the comments below!