Call of Duty Mobile: Release Date Officially Announced

Unless you are living under a Rock, You must already we aware of the fact that Call of Duty Mobile has been officially announced by Activision in the last week.

Since then they have also begun the Pre-Registration for the Call of Duty Mobile on both Play Store and App Store, if you haven't registered for it, you can simply go to the Play Store and App Store, Search for the title 'Call of Duty Mobile' and Click on the Registration button, to get yourself registered and be amongst the first few players to try the game.


Player have been eagerly waiting out for this game to be launched, and there has been thousands of rumors about the launch date of this game.
But No more rumors, because an official announcement has been made by the official Call of Duty Mobile Facebook Page, that the Call of Duty Mobile will launch for everyone in the month of April 2019.

Call of Duty Mobile Release Date?

Call of Duty Mobile Will release in Early April 2019. This information has been shared by the Official Call of Duty Mobile Facebook Page.

Source: reproduction/internet

So how much are you guys excited for this Call of Duty game. Do let us know in the comments below.