PUBG Mobile Rivals Get A Massive Surge In Downloads! What Are Those Games?

It seems like things have turned out for reaping greater profits for rival games which were competing with PUBG for a longer period of time. Especially in the FPS games in both Android and iOS. After the PUBG Mobile ban, gamers are seeking out alternatives to fill their void of an exciting battle royal experience PUBG Mobile gave them. They are trying out several games of the same genre that offers the aesthetics and immersive as once PUBG Mobile did.

Including several PUBG clones like Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Cyber Hunter, and many more, the recent ban led to massive downloads of PUBG Mobile alternatives such as Call of Duty: Mobile and Free Fire. Does this mean PUBG has already been overshadowed by these games? Read on more to know more about the alternatives of PUBG and why it's tempting for gamers who loved PUBG Mobile.


Why are gamers switching to Call of Duty: Mobile and Free Fire?

After the ban of our beloved PUBG Mobile, gamers wanted something which is equal to PUBG Mobile in every aspect and the experience it offered to veteran and new players alike. During the period of September 2 and 5, according to entracker, Activision's Call of Duty: Mobile and Garena's Free Fire made it to the top 3 downloaded apps in Android and iOS. They were followed by Ludo King, which also got popularity in lockdown due to its simple UI and satisfying gameplay without complicating things.

According to data collected by Sensor Tower, as per the report, Free Fire garnered a total of 2.1 million downloads during the period. While its formidable counterpart, Call of Duty: Mobile, has a total of 1.15 million downloads. The sudden ban made Free Fire into the most loved and the most downloaded game on Play store. Ludo King also had its fair share of love it has among gamers as it recorded 1.52 million downloads.

Will PUBG Mobile be back?

Many miss PUBG Mobile so much that just by remembering it brings pain to them. Players can relax, as South Korean based PUBG Corporation clarified in his statement that they're working with the government of India to bring back the most loved battle royale game again among us. By cutting off all ties with the Chinese corporation Tencent Games in India.


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