Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Event: Date, Rewards & Other Details

Free Fire has a huge image in the battle royale genre and is one of the earliest battle royale games made available on mobile. The game is about to complete its three years soon and to celebrate the same; developers would be introducing a lot of changes to the game based on the anniversary theme.


A brand new anniversary event will be introduced in the game that will start from 28th August 2020. Apart from that, the whole theme of the game will get changed to the anniversary theme. Free Fire is also about to get the OB23 update on 29th July, with which some anniversary features are making its way to the game.

You can check out OB23 Update Patch Notes here, and below, we are sharing Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Event Details.

Joker Theme

A brand new joker theme will be added to the game. The hints of the theme have given by the developers with the announcement of the OB23 patch notes itself.

New Spawn Island / Waiting Area

A new waiting area or so-called spawn island will be added in the game, which is based on the anniversary theme. You need not wait until 28th August; it is coming tomorrow (29th July) with the OB23 patch update.

New Airplane

New Airplane based on the third-anniversary theme is coming to Free Fire. It will make the plane in blue and black color, and 3rd anniversary written over it.

Free Hayato “Firebrand”

In celebration of the 3rd anniversary, all players can get free Elite Hayato character or so-called Hayato “Firebrand.” It comes with Art of Blades special ability that reduces frontal damage by {20/25/30/35/40}% for 3s. Cool Down: 50s. Firing will interrupt this ability.

Free Costume

All the players can also claim a free joker theme costume in celebration of the Free Fire 3rd Anniversary. I personally think the costume looks quite ugly, but it is all we can get for free.

Anniversary Royale

An exclusive Royale called ‘Anniversary Royale’ will be introduced in the Luck Royale Section. Just like other Royales, it will also have an exclusive Anniversary Royale Voucher using which you can redeem rewards. The voucher looks quite similar to Gold Royale Voucher. It is also expected that we get these free rewards out of the Anniversary Royale only.

Other Items

The third-anniversary cake will also be introduced in the game. It is expected to be redeemed for various rewards. Some leaks say we may also get a Jacket and Elite Pass for free, but it is not sure yet.

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