PUBG Mobile: Points Protection Against Cheater Kills Explained

Pubg Mobile is getting more popular day by day, and with that, there has been a rapid increase in the number of cheaters in the game. These cheaters have an unfair advantage over other players, because of which many of the players who work hard on pushing ranks, lose quite some points when they are killed by them.


For saving such players who loose there point due to cheaters, PUBG Mobile is going to introduce a new Anti-cheat mode in its next update 0.18.0, under this mode if any player is killed by a cheater then such player's ranks points will not be deducted.

However, This process may take time as the ranks points will be returned to the players only once the PUBG Mobile detection software detects the cheater and bans him. The player who got killed by the cheater will not only be returned his lost rank points, but he will also receive an in-game notification regarding the same.

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This mode will promote more fair play and make PUBG Mobile more enjoyable, and the best part is obviously players who work hard on pushing ranks need not worry about losing rank points when getting killed by cheaters.