The Day We Fought Space Is A Shooter Game Coming To iOS

The Day We Fought Space is an upcoming intense shooter game that will be coming to iOS devices soon. It is being developed by Tursiops Truncatus Studio.


In this game, the players need to take on the aliens aggressively, and the players need to push the limits to emerge as winners. The players have to time the attacks to perfection, which makes the game far more impressive when compared to other shooting games.

The arsenal that players have are not only standard machine guns and rockets but also razor-sharp saws, giant wrecking balls, and even a pinball launcher. All these weapons can be used to eliminate enemies with ease. In addition, the players can also activate huge chain reactions to destroy multiple enemies at once.

The players also have the option of upgrading and personalizing the ship for better control. As the game goes on, players can get fresh, engaging scenarios to immerse themselves in the game. The trailer suggests that the game has some appealing visual styles. Visuals seem to be inspired by sci-fi comics and novels.

With the story involving a lot of interesting characters, the game worth the expectations. The story is expected to be unique and exciting. This game The Day We Fought Space is sure to have many fans once it releases in the App Store.

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