Golden City Is Available To Download In Early Access For Android Devices

Waterfall Game Studio has released its mobile strategy game 'Golden City' for Android devices in early access. In the game, you are a protagonist and lead the Capos to revenge for the father and reinvigorate the family glory. The real scene restoration of the underworld includes capo, kidnapping, beauty, casino, smuggling, and firefight system.


There are hundreds of unique capos available in the game to risk their lives for helping you out in completing the revenge and becoming the godfather of the underworld. The Gangsters also have a knack of making money. While traveling all over the world and making deals with gang forces worldwide, you can earn attractive rewards.

Dozens of different styles of beauties are available for you to choose from, making you linger in the tender land. You will find various beauties while patrolling, get acquainted with sworn brothers, trigger mysterious events and get a variety of rewards.

Join the underworld by downloading Golden City in Early Access from Google Play Store.

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