Rules of Survival Showers Rewards With Christmas Event!

The popular mobile game Rules of Survival launched the Christmas event, which opens up a lot of Christmas-themed rewards. The gifts that the players receive comprises candy canes, gingerbread mens, etc. You can get these gifts from the enemy drops or the store.


Another new feature is Give more to get more, which can send gifts to your favorite buddies. Players can gift their collected gifts to their in-game friends. The one who sends the gift obtains 'Gift Points,' and the receiver gets 'Glamour Points.' By collecting enough Gift Points or Glamour Points, players will be able to unlock the Christmas gifts. 

In the control panel, players will get to see their Gift Glamour Points as well as the ranking of their and others. Players who secure Top 3 ranking will be put on a podium in the prep zone. 

The players who return in the game during the Christmas event will be rewarded with special and exclusive returnee packs and Christmas cards. Firearm Skins, Christmas wingmen, and New Christmas characters are also coming soon in the game.

Rules of Survival is available to download on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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