Rima: The Story Begins Is A Platform-Adventure Now Available For iOS

Rima: The Story Begins is a platform-adventure, Metroidvania videogame which takes place in a world full of mysteries and surprises. UP Entertainment launched this game for android in 2017, and now it has finally arrived for iOS devices.


The game has a back story where, in the last full moon before Shadow gets close to the land of Ila, Ilathen (the Goddess of Ila) sent one of her messengers down to find the one and only savior. She knew as Shadow steps into Ila and opens the Dark gate, hope, life, and joy would turn into a dream.

She chose Rima and sent Huva to help and guide him to accomplish his predestined mission. Now Rima needs to face dangerous creatures, fight his way out and explore the land for new paths, objects, and abilities that help him to find and revive the four vital elements the land's life depends on. By reviving each element, Rima gets one step closer to fulfill his destiny.

The game also provides a console-like experience with additional controller support and HDR quality graphics. You can also change the difficulty of the game accordingly. Also, to keep a note of one thing is that the game is available only in English at the moment.


Check out Rima: The Story Begins on Google Play Store and iOS App Store and will soon available on Steam.

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