Identity V x Edward Scissorhands Collaboration Is Coming Soon

Hello Mobile Gamers, NetEase Games has announced that they are going to have Identity V x Edward Scissorhands Collaboration very soon. The exact details about the collaboration have not been released yet, but will soon be made available on the official website and other social media platforms of the game.


About Identity V

This is an online cooperative game in which you can play either as one of the four survivors who have to fight against a monstrous killer or as the killer himself. Whatever you choose, there are a lot of options open for you. The game is based on 4v1 combats, where each player has unique skills.

The survivors have to activate control points around the setting before they can open the door to get out, and in the meantime, the killer tries to stop them. If a survivor gets trapped for the second time, then the game is over for him. It is a spectacular mobile game with console-level worthy production values. You can download Identity V from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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