World Robot Boxing 2 Is Now Available For Pre-Registration On Android Devices

Hello Mobile Gamers, are you a fan of Robo boxing: like in the movie Real Steel then 'World Robot Boxing 2' is made for you. This game has been developed by Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) in which you can step up in the future and unleash the best robots and become the world champion.


This is an Arcade Action boxing game in which you can choose your favorite robot to beat all your enemies and become the world's best robot boxing champion. You have to top the leaderboard and gain the championship title.

In this game, you can battle across the different arena, with different types of modes that you get to select. You can upgrade your robot and power up there abilities to become the world's top robot champion.

It has various unique robot classes from which you can choose your favorite one and build a terrific team to dominate the world's robots. This game is very easy to play, and its controls are also quite easy.

So get ready for becoming world's top robot boxing champion and pre-register for World Robot Boxing 2 on Google Play Store.