Undead Horde Has Finally Been Released On Android

10tons has finally released Undead Horde on android after its initial release on iOS this year. The game also released its PC version this summer, available on Steam. 10tons has also released titles like Tesla vs. Lovecraft and Neon Chrome. Here is the trailer:

You will be playing as a necromancer and raise the army of the dead against the King Paladin Benevictor, who is a sworn rival to the necromancer and the army of undead. Conquer the whole kingdom by raiding villages.


It also has various RPG elements and basically hacking and slashing throughout the game. The onscreen controls make it easier to play where you control the character from the left side controls and using the abilities from the right side.

It's a premium title available for android, and its on sale for Google playstore at slashed price of Rs 470, and it is available on iOS Appstore too. The desktop version is available on STEAM.

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