Frustrated With Working In The Office, 'Say No! More': Coming Next Summer

Have you were got frustrated to a limit where you have been burdened with lots of work and you just want to say no and buzz off well Studio Fizbin 's 'Say No! More' lets you do just, You play as an intern where you get stacked with so much work by the mean office staff that you have to defend against the bosses and the colleagues who are acting like a total jerk but you also get to make friendship with good folks around you.


It is described as a 'one-button game' where you have to collect mixtapes and you get to say "no" in multiple languages. As weird as this game sounds it would be really satisfying to just say "no" in the whole game. The game is being published by Thunderful and developed by Studio Fizbin will be out on Switch, iOS, and Steam next summer.

Just of curiosity what would be the sequel to this game 'Say Yes' umm... but to what?

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