‘Strike Ops’ By Fire Shrike Games Has Been Globally Released

Well no doubt, if we are talking of FPS games, then call of duty mobile has just released and it has all the limelight. But Call of Duty Mobile has a size of over 2 GB and it’s definitely not for people with low-end mobile devices. so here comes the latest FPS Mobile game ‘Strike Ops’ in the picture.


Developed by Fire Shrike Games ‘Strike Ops’ has a total download size of just over 80 MB and it works perfectly in almost every smartphone device. Just like call of duty mobile, Strike Ops is an FPS shooter game, but it’s a 4vs4. 

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Strike Ops as of now features 6 different classes to choose from and also offers 2 game modes. The game is still in the early phase and we can expect it to develop as time goes by. Overall we will say it’s not the best FPS shooter, but probably very good for a low-end device, So head straight to Google Playstore to Download and play Strike Ops right now.