Believe It Or Not But Half Of China Plays Mobile Games

It is not even a topic of debate that Mobile Games are preferred more in Asia Countries, as compared to any other. But would you believe us if we say more than half of china's population is playing mobile games? Well, you have to because the recent reports released by agency data of QuestMobile have said the same.


Yes, 1 out of 2 people in China is engaged in playing his favorite mobile game. Not for 5 or 10 hours but 18.5 hours in a month. China's mobile market is growing at a rapid speed each coming year, as many as 691 Million Chinese people were playing mobile games as of June 2019.

Users aged between 19-35 amounted for 2/3 of these mobile game players as of June 2019, The games are not only being enjoyed by mens alone but even females amounted to 47% of the mobile gaming population. Making them almost half the users.

China, which is considered as the world's largest gaming market for the last past 3 years, is estimated to make a 36.5 Billion in-game review from 2019. Now you know? Why all the major games are coming to mobile!