‘Attack on Titan Tactics’ Is Now Out In US, Canada, and Australia

A world where man-eating Titans rule, To avoid extinction, mankind is forced to sacrifice its freedom, erecting huge walls, fifty meters high, to keep the terrifying foe at bay. Eren Jaeger is a ten-year-old boy who can only dream of what the outside world might look like. He can’t fathom how everyone else seems content with this contrived peace, accepting the prison-like pen they put themselves inside. Eren Calls them cattle, and they call him a freak.


But then one day everything changes. With the arrival of the Colossal Titan towering above them-above the Walls-humanity’s peace, and Eren’s dreams, are shattered.

Attack of Titan Tactics is a mobile game based on the famous Attack on Titan Series, the game is kind of a fast-pace castle defense game. Developed by DeNA (makers of Pokemon Masters). And it’s English Version has just been released, players from the United States, Canada, and Australia can now download and enjoy the game from both Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.