'Norman’s Night In' Will Now Release on 2nd October 2019

Developed by Bactrian Games, Norman's Night In was earlier scheduled to release globally on 18th Septemeber 2019. However due to some unknown reasons the release date of the game has been pushed back to 2nd October 2019 for both Mobile and Steam Version.


For the players unaware let us tell you that 'Norman’s Night In' is a slingshot adventure game that tells the tale of a shopkeeper, his bowling ball, and a fateful fall into the world of Cave. Use slingshot mechanics to solve physics-based puzzles, face unfamiliar cave beasties, and discover the unseen world by the light of your new bowling ball. It’s a story of exploration and self-discovery as an unlikely adventurer unfolds the forgotten history of a kingdom passed.

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Every level of Norman’s Night In is hand crafted and hand painted. Upgrade your bowling ball to access new abilities, uncover secrets, and continue your descent into the interconnected world below.