SimpleRockets 2 Is Coming to Mobile Devices On This 19th September 2019

Fascinated by space, science, rockets? Then swipe right to SimpleRockets2, developed by Jundroo this game is all about building and launching your rockets to explore the undiscovered space. It is a simple 3D space simulator game where you are both an engineer and a pilot of a rocket.


Your job in SimpleRockets 2 is very simple, build a rocket, then fly them out of the content. Sound simple? It's not. What is the best thing in the game is that you can build almost anything from high powered rockets to a soaring airplane to scout out a planet, or rover to travel along the ground.

In SimpleRockets 2 players get to choose from a variety of components such as engine type, fuel tanks, cargo bays, etc. to include in their build. The game features a massive universe that you can explore. Other than all this the game also has a huge community depository where players can share their builds as well as download others.

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SimpleRockets 2 Sounds Interesting? Then don't worry it's just a couple of days away from you. SimpleRockets 2 is all set to release for both android and iOS users on this 19th September 2019. However sadly it won't be a free-to-play game, it will cost you around 5 USD to download and play. SimpleRockets 2 is also available for Pre-Registration, if interested you can Pre-Register for the game via Apple Appstore or Google Playstore.