Witch Weapon By Leiting Games is Available For Pre-Registration

Hello Mobile Gamers, Leiting Games has started taking pre-registrations for its new mobile game 'Witch Weapon' on both Android and iOS devices. Witch Weapon is a mobile Role Playing Game (RPG) which was released in Japan for a while but now DMM GAMES (developer) has decided to release it globally. You can pre-register for Witch Weapon. Before that have a look of Witch Weapon trailer below.


The story of Witch Weapon is as follows; there was an explosion happened to a lad where they kept a Golden Chalice inside. In this explosion, a boy named Ren survived but somehow when he woke up, he found that he has been turned into a girl. After that, Ren started a journey to an adventure with the witched that he met.

In Witch Weapon you will be matched with 4 witches on this adventure. Each witch has their own unique skill and ability. You also get the feature of their customization by changing their clothes to give them better stats. You can even Deepen your bond with your favorite witch by collecting items and gifting it to them. You can also level up your weapons. So get ready for this adventure and pre-register for Witch Weapon. This way, as soon as the game will be available to download, you will get the notification.

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