Life After: Night Falls EU Has Been Released: Download Now

Hello Mobile Gamers, X.D. Global has released the European version of mobile game 'Life After' as 'Life After: Night Falls'. This survival mobile game was developed by NetEase Games, in which you control one of the last survivors left after the zombie apocalypse. Now you need to find shelter, collaborate with other survivors, build defense walls, and of course, fights against the tons of evil monsters. You can download 'Life After: Night Falls' from the link given at the end of this post. Have a look of the Life After: Night Falls trailer below.

Before you start playing Life After: Night Falls you have to choose your character and even you can make it unique with the available customization options such as; gender, tools, hairstyle, facial structure and much more. You can also select their ethnicity and pick out their pet sidekick. The control system of the game is also quite simple, on the left side of the screen you can move your character using the virtual joystick, and on the ride side of the screen action buttons are available for reloading and jumping. There is also a mini-map, which helps you in finding your way around. In order to survive, you are supposed to use rocks, hemp, wood and more to craft axes, knives, body-traps, barricades and whatever else you need to stay alive. You can also use these resources to build your own tools.

The backdrop of the story of Life After: Night Falls unfolds in an immersive environment spanning over several types of terrain, with a huge area to roam around, which makes it an engaging gaming experience. This game offers to you customizable 3D graphics along with the overarching online options. So what are you waiting for download Life After: Night Falls from the link given below on your Android or iOS device.

Click here to Download on Android

Click here to Download on iOS

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