Mythgard is Available for Pre-Registration

Hello Mobile Gamers, Rhino Games Inc. has started taking pre-registrations for its new mobile Collectible Card Game (CCG) 'Mythgard'. You can pre-register for Mythgard from the link given at the end of the post. Mythgard is set in a modern world which is filled with magic and offers to the players exceptional lore, tactical gameplay, and strategic deck building. Have a look of the Mythgard Gameplay trailer below.


Mythgard's gameplay takes you back to the early days of the genre, and its feature-rich systems offer many new ways to play, Such as; you can play Solo, 1v1, or bring a friend for 2v2. In Single-player campaign, you use the cards which you earned to learn the gameplay, build your skills, and hone your strategy, which will help you while playing the 2v2 mode. There are more than 400 cards available to collect which feature gorgeous art.

In Mythgard, you get to explore a compelling story with Master fast, tactical gameplay. This game offers to you the Battlefield, in which you have to place your minions and enchantments strategically on Mythgard's unique battle board. Every play could mark the difference between victory and defeat. And also keep in mind that your deck is not only restricted to a single class or faction, but it is also a world with limitless possibility. So pre-register for Mythgard from the link given below.

Click here to Pre-Register on Google Play

Click here to Pre-Register on Official Website

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