Rules of Survival 14th August Update Patch Notes

New update in the game of Rules of Survival has already arrived, and most of the active players must be already aware of that. Anyways here is the complete list of all the new features and things which are coming into the game with this new Rules of Survival update of 14th August 2019.


The Details of Cyber Hunter 14th August 2019 Update are as follows:

Dear Rules of Survival Players,
The game will be updated from August 13th - August 14th with the aim of improving your gaming experience.

New Content

  • Added Lobby Display Emotes for 98K and Thompson. Obtained Firearm Skins can be previewed in the Depot page.
  • Added Looks Display Function in Elimination Interface: When a player is eliminated, their current Equipment and Firearm Skin will be displayed in the Elimination Interface;
  • Added Lobby Vehicle Display Function: After the update, players can choose to display Vehicle Skins in the Lobby in the Depot's Vehicle Interface. Equipped Vehicles can be different from the displayed Vehicle.
  • Custom Button Adjustments: Exit Vehicle button and Seat Change button can now be customized;

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where custom edge-to-edge screen would lead to display issues; players have to restore the default settings before customizations can take effect.
  • Hovership: Fixed the issue where players would sink to the bottom with the Hovership, and now the Characters do not sink;
  • Fixed the issue where maps would display anomalies in 8k resolution
  • Fixed the issue where Shotgun has a delayed reload effect
  • Fixed the issue where players might not be able to start the game while in Duo mode
  • Fixed the issue where using Paraglider does not calculate traveled distance