Mega Man X DiVE To Get Co-op Mode In The Upcoming Closed Beta

If you have gone through our previous post on Mega Man X DiVE, you must be aware that the Beta Version of Mega Man X DiVE is scheduled to release on 23rd August 2019.


And today in this post, we have another Add on to that news – So Capcom Taiwan has just officially announced that this Closed Beta Version of Mega Man X DiVE will also have a New Co-op mode which will be unlocked when players reach a particular level in the game. Have a look at the Co-op Mode Gameplay Sneak-Peak Video below to understand better.

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In Mega Man X DiVE’s Co-op mode, players can invite their friends to challenge boss characters, which will be way stronger compared to normal stages of the game. Therefore this mode will require great coordination and teamwork if you looking to win.