Yokai Kitchen is Now Available to Download

Hello Mobile Gamers, have you ever wanted to become an owner of a virtual world restaurant then FriendTimes is here for you with its new mobile game "Yokai Kitchen". It is a Role-Playing Game (RPG), after a short soft-launch period which has been officially launched for both iOS and Android devices. You can download Yokai Kitchen from the link given at the end of the post. Before that have a look of the game trailer below.


In Yokai Kitchen you have to run a restaurant which have been carried by a giant flying Turtle and make your restaurant the most famous and fantastic restaurant which Spirit Realm has ever seen. As you go along with the game you're gonna need employee's to run the restaurant which will be "Yokai" who are the magical creatures who have magical powers & abilities like humans, not only that but they also got the same feeling as humans do. Yokai have different groups, background, and personalities but you need to assemble them with unity so that they can work as different characters in your restaurant.

This concept of Yokai Kitchen takes place in Spirit Realm which comes between earth and heaven. There are 2 main characters in this game  Yokai and Foodimons; Yokai are your companions who will help you in running your restaurant whereas Foodimons are those who absorb energy and if you defeat them, then they help you in raising your farms and from these farms ingredients you will create the ultimate cuisine, which will make your restaurant very attractive and famous. So what are you waiting for download Yokai Kitchen right now from Google Play.

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