Auto Royal Chess: First Mobile Game Combining Auto Chess With RPG and Strategy

Hello Mobile Gamers, WhaleApp LTD has released its new mobile game "Auto Royal Chess" the first game of its kind, which combines the popular genre of auto chess to the classic mechanics of mobile RPG and strategy games. The developers has released the beta version of the game which you can download by going at the link given at the end of the post. In Auto Royal Chess there a lot of heroes available to choose from and all of them have their unique powers, and some of them are from different races as well.

The Auto Royal Chess game is primarily based on the the PvP battles, where you need to make a perfect combination of heroes and make your army, players are free to reinforce their armies after each round by upgrading figures. The players who can understand the strategy of enemy as soon as possible and give the power up to the heroes is never going to lose. Players can even upgrade their heroes throughout the gameplay as well by collecting certain number of hero cards and can perform the same in the inventory section.

So in Auto Chess Royal you take part in the combat and have to fight against your rivals on the online chess board battlefield. In each round your team will have to fight against new army of the rivals. So you need to make a perfect combination of your strategy and tactics to rule the chess board battlefield. Download the game from the below given link.

Click here to Download from TapTap

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