Eerskraft: Minecraft Rip-Off Mobile game by Gooogame has been Released: Download Now

Hello Mobile Gamers, as everyone of you have heard of the famous crafting game "Minecraft", which was published by Microsoft, but this game is a paid mobile game. But no need to pay money for playing Minecraft, because Gooogame has launched its new crafting game named as "Eerskraft" which is definitely going to say good bye to Minecraft as it is avilable absolutely for free, and even comes with the same concept.


Eerskraft is a attractive 3D constructive game, where you have to Craft, build and explore an amazing living world. In the game, you are playing the role of a builder, whose task is to build the houses, castles etc. For building them you can collect the resources by killing the animals wandering around. Or you can explore the world and fight monsters in a survival war.

As this is a game which is absolutely free for downloading and playing, but the skins of the characters are locked right now, so it is expected that for purchasing the skins you might have to pay the real money, but no need to worry it will not make the purchaser more stronger than you. Everything is dependent upon the skills. But this game is bombard with ads, like in every 1 or 2 minute you have to watch an ad. But the game worth it, as it is providing you the same Minecraft game absolutely for free.

Eerskraft has two game modes: Survival and Creative. In Survival Mode; there are limited resources, you will need tools and you may get hurt by the monsters. In Creative Mode; there are unlimited resources with no damage, you can even fly in the sky, and no achievements even if you switch to survival later. This game is also available in the Third Person Perspective as well, which will give to you a whole new experience.

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