'First Hero' by Webzen Has Been Officially Released

First Hero, is the latest strategy MMO developed by Webzen. In the game along with equipping, collecting and upgrading heroes you will need to keep upgrading your castle and other buildings, training units, etc. to keep your city working at maximum capacity.


The Game is set across a huge map, which is sub-divided into various domains. In First Hero Game, your main goal is to conquer these domains and extend your empire as far as possible. Which in simple words means that you have to keep defeating other human players, but on the positive side the game also gives you an option to become allies with them.

Moving Further you have the power to summon & command various heroes, Every hero has their own special skills, and both strengths and weakness. On the battleground, you will really need to work hard to survive and get those PvP ranking points. However, if you want to live on the more peaceful side go with the single-player adventure, getting more loot and XP and gossip with other players through the chat.

First Hero Has just been released on Mobile devices both on Android and iOS you can download the game by simply visiting the Official website or from Appstore as well as Playstore.