Pokemon GO: New Pokecoin System Is Being Tested In Australia

Ever since the COVID-19 has brought the world to a staggering halt, many industries have been severely affected. But for the gaming industry, it has been thriving with the increased number of gameplay hours and downloads. And that includes mobile gaming as well. But for a game which requires you to get up on your … Read more

Pokemon GO: New Details for May Spotlight Hour you need to know

Most people are unable to leave their homes due to the ongoing situation. This has put a halt on the journey of Pokemon GO players in becoming a Pokemon master. However, to keep the momentum going, the developers have made some temporary changes in the game. One of these changes is the weekly Spotlight Hour. … Read more

Pokemon Go Is Getting Heatran & Shadow Moltres This January

Pokemon Go has a lot to offer in the January update which includes characters like legendary Heatran and Team Rocket Research Questline. Also more Gen 5 Pokemon will be available this January. Lapras is the secret pokemon for January Research Breakthrough reward and will have either Ice Beam or Ice Shard. In addition to all … Read more

Pokemon Go Now Allows Players To Change Gym And Pokestop Names

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has now enabled suggestions for editing Gyms and Pokestops. Players can have a go in editing various aspects in the game. Titles, descriptions, and photos of the Gyms and Pokestops can now be edited by the players. Players can reach out to the nearest Gyms or Pokestops to test the new … Read more